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      1. English     中文

        Saint Ngong Tat machinery (Tianjin) co., ltd (SNT for short) established in TEDA, Tianjin China in 1992. The company has a large number of outstanding talent technicians, an independent R & D and design team, involving the new products, design, structural optimization, automation program and food processing technology.  With strong technical force, excellent manufacturing technology, first-class products, strict quality system.

        The company takes its development concept of ” Hi-tech as its lead; Marketing demands as its guide; Customer satisfaction as its goal”. Continuous innovation, development.

        “Create the first class technology, make superior product, cast golden trademark, take professional vanguard” as its direction, adhering to the service concept of "surpassing customer satisfaction" and pursuing "zero defect" quality management system as SNT mission.

        Our R & D center was set up since SNT established which built a friendly cooperation with universities and famous groups. It has undertaken many research projects at the national and provincial and municipal levels. Some new results have been patented by the nation and state. At the same time, many new technologies and processes have been applied to existing products in a timely manner, which lays a solid foundation for product upgrading and can be sustained by enterprises. Continuous development provides a guarantee. At present, more than 30% of the total number of R&D team members have undergraduate and professional qualifications, which provides a far-reaching technological reserve for the development of enterprises.

        The company has a complete and professional production and manufacturing team, perfect production process control and strict quality management system. There are strict requirements from the issuance of technical drawings to the customization of process, process supervision and quality supervision in the process. The company has a variety of processing equipment and testing instruments, to ensure that the factory equipment processing excellent, reliable quality, can meet the design requirements.

        Provide the consultancy service according to the clients specials requirements and technical assistance before, during and after-sales as following: Solutions? to the special demands; Project planning and design the production plant; Related device information and processing procedure; Device installation direction; Training equipments maintenance and local operating; One year warranty and cost life-time maintenance.
        OUR HONORS
        SNT machinery (Tianjin) co., ltd. is one of national high-tech enterprise which owns many patents. Being as one of the pilot enterprise in Tianjin, SNT has explored several national and local research and development projects which has been passed throng the certification by The State Grains Bureau, China Edible Oil Society and other authorities, while our products are awarded by The State and Tianjin Government.CN2018200799728,CN201820083966X,CN2018200799889.

        Personal safety is the first consideration for original design In order to prevent operators damage or odds falling into the equipment, all the machines equipped with safety covers, warning sign and emergency sensors, etc. Meet international food safety requirements

        All the materials contact with the food is made of stainless steel 304, non-toxic food grade materials , etc.? At the same time, In order to, we adopt the continuous closet design to avoid manual participation, and reduce the food production process hidden trouble caused by exposure.

        High degree of automation For the whole production from raw material insert to the final products which realized industrial continuity and mechanization. The operators only need observe, monitor production and adjust related data during the process. Reliable equipment performance All the machines are well reasonable structure design,? stable performance, easy operation with low failure rates. To ensure the production stable running, we adopt well-known quality products and supporting key parts are foreign brands.

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