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        fresh instant rice noodle production line

        The automatic fresh instant rice noodle production line

        The series of automatic fresh instant rice noodle production line which is widely used for processing packed ready to eat fresh rice noodle both of round or flat noodles with different sizes rice noodle, the noodles tastes smooth & firm with compact texture. It achieves high automation standardized production by its scientifically design, reasonable process, easy operation with less labors, high automation and low failure rate. 

        1.     Varies capacity for different demands, the maximum capacity will be 1000 kg raw material per hour;

        2.     The important key parts of production line are equipped with sensors, which can monitor the working situation in real time and make the products quality traceable;

        3.     PLC and touch screen gradually instead of traditional buttons and panels, etc. which realize information exchange and control;

        4.     All the materials meet requirements of international food hygiene standards.


        Processing procedure

        ①Rice washing & degritting
        The rice after washing is delivered to the sand removal tank for getting rid of the impurities, and then transported into rice soaking pots.

        ②Rice soaking
        Rice submerged pumped into stainless steel soaking pot with water supply subsystem and auto-loading off device.  Durable and easy to clean.

        ③Grinding into rice milk

        Cleaned drained rice will be grinding into rice milk by the pulping machine; Fineness and moisture is adjustable.

        ④Rice milk filtering & sizing mixing

        Rice milk will be filtered and sized out unqualified pellets and then adding starch for adjusting the concentration.

        ⑤Rice milk storage
        In order to prevent deposition, the milk will be continuously stirred and balanced inside the storage tank.

        ⑥Rice milk spreading

        Rice milk distributed onto belt, and thickness of rice milk is adjustable.

        ⑦Rice sheet steaming

        The rice sheet will be fully cooked on the continuous running belt by steaming; 

        ⑧Rice sheet extrusion

        After steaming for a few minutes, rice sheet will be feeding into the extruder, and then extruded into rice paste sheet which increase its density;

        ⑨Rice sheet aging

        To improve the molecular structure of preliminary ripened rice paste sheet by setting temperature and humidity.

        ⑩rice noodle extrusion

        Aged rice paste sheet is cut into pieces and then extruded into noodles.

        ?rice noodle cooking
        In order to absorb enough water, the extruded noodle falls into boiling water directly after extrusion.  To keep the related water temperature in the process of cooking, the tank is equipped heating and temperature control system.

        ?rice noodle steaming

        After cooking, rice noodle is conveyed to continuous steamer, and the steamed rice noodle is fully cooked.

        ?rice noodle cooling

        To cool down the temperature of rice noodle by showering.

        ?rice noodle cutting

        The rice noodle will be rational cut after showering.


        The cut rice noodle is manual weighing and putting into hanging noodle plates and then driven inside the acid solution tank to preserve the noodle.


        Automatic packed into bag.

        ?Pasteurization and cooling

        In order to longer fresh rice noodle storing, it will be packaged and sterilized by pasteurization and then steamed and cooled.

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