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        grains noodle production line

        Automatic noodle type grains vermicelli production line

               The series of automatic noodle type grains vermicelli production line which is explored by technology of extrusion non-expansion, the grains will be fully gelatinization and formed into noodles under high temperature and pressure. For different kinds of grains noodle production, it only need adjust related data via PLC.

              100% grains could be processed into noodles which scientifically solved the difficulties of low grains contains for the traditional production, it’s widely enlarge the theory of extrusion and scientifically combine extrusion equipments with noodles forming ,pre-drying, drying and cooling for the whole industrial production. The noodles tastes smooth with nature flavor and nutrition.

              It’s widely suitable for brown rice, buckwheat, corn, sorghum, potato flour, etc. Only by adjusting related data, it can realize the production of multi-raw materials and multi-variety products. Semi-dry grains noodles and Semi-dry cold noodles production lines for customers choose.




        Raw materials(t/24h))




        Steam consumption


        Water comsumption



        each shift

        Electricit Power


        Processing procedure

        ①Flour mixing

        While mixing the raw material, how much water adding and mixing time could be set ahead of production. Easy operation and cleaning.

        ②Paste ripening & conveying
        The well mixed pasta has been realized auto-lifted to the next rational feeder while it’s continuous moving inside the ripening feeder. 

        ③Paste rational feeder
        Quantitative paste could be steadily delivered paste to noodles forming machine by screw and speed could be adjustable.

        ④Noodle forming machine

        The noodle could be formed by twice extrusion, the diameter of the die and the shape of noodle could be changed according to the client’s request. 

        ⑤Noodle pre-cooling conveyor

        The noodle is ready to be cut after blew out the water of its surface and cooled down by the blowers.

        ⑥Noodle  auto-hanging & cutting system
        Noodles automatically hang on the rods and be cut down continuously according to the length of preset. 

        ⑦Continuous noodle aging & auto-loosing tunnel
        For saving energy consumption, temperature and moisture realized automatic controlled;  The noodle will be chewable non-sticky after aging; 

        ⑧Continuous noodle drying and conditional cooling tunnel

        In order to have good quality of the drying and storing, the drying temperature and humidity will be set ahead of production according to the drying curve; The conditional cooling could meet the packing requirement and guarantee the moisture of the final products. 

        ⑨noodle rational cutting machine

        Dried noodles could be cut into the fixed length according to requirement with neat cut, and length could be adjustable by PLC.

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